How to prepare for your photoshoot.

September 07, 2020  •  2 Comments

There are a lot of tips and tricks out there to help you get ready for a photo shoot.  My first piece of advice is to chat with your photographer about what they suggest.  Aside from that though, here are some of the tips that I give my clients so they are prepared for the shoot.  These are the basics and may vary depending on their type of shoot you have booked. 

Here are some tips that will help you plan for your session.


Let's start with what to wear because no matter what type of session I am booking it is the most popular question:


The most important thing to me as your photographer is that you feel amazing and comfortable.  After that it is a good idea to consider these concepts: 

  • Whatever you choose to wear be sure it is freshly pressed, the camera is not very forgiving to wrinkles.
  • Classic timeless styles are great if you don't want your photos to look dated too quickly.
  • Avoid busy patterns.
  • Using colors can help give your photos personality.
  • Consider the backdrop, if you are using a location or studio backdrop that has colors you will want to be sure you do not clash.
  • Ensure your outfit fits your shape.  Baggy cloths do not hide like you think and too tight is rarely a good look. 
  • If it is a business portrait - dress for your industry and if you are in between jobs or just getting out into the world remember this amazing advice from one of my favorite movies (Picture Perfect) “Dress for the job you want, not the one you have”.
  • Don't forget about your shoes!

For Family & Groups Sessions

  • Coordinate- don't match.  Gone are the days of white t-shirts and blue jeans. 
  • Solid colors are great and a splash of patter doesn't hurt but avoid too many different patterns, they will distract the viewer.



This is a personal taste thing but I find that simplicity tends to be the best option.

  • Hats.  A simple hat can change the whole vibe of a photo, instantly giving you a different look.
  • Statement jewelry is not a bad idea but keep it to one piece.  If you choose a bold necklace keep you earings, rings etc, simple.
  • Pocket square.  You know, that amazing pop of color in a mens suit jacket?  This may be the way to jazz up a "boring" corporate shot.
  • Scarfs are a personal fave too but be sure it doesn't completely cover your neck, it will not look right in the pictures.



Here are some tips to help you look and feel your best for your session. 

Put your best face forward:

  • Drink plenty of water in the week prior to your session, as this will keep your skin plump, smooth, and clear.
  • Try to eat healthy foods, as fried and salty foods cause bloating and water retention. 
  • Avoid sun exposure, which can make you look tired and leave your skin irritated.
  • Get plenty of sleep to avoid dark circles under your eyes!
  • Men: it’s important that you’ve mastered your facial hair look before your session.  Whether you’re clean-shaven or prefer to keep your facial hair, it’s necessary that it is well maintained. 
  • Women: go light on the makeup, natural looks tend to be best for headshots.   
  • Avoid going for a haircut right before your session.  Book your haircut at least a couple of days before maybe even more.





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