5 ways to improve your client retention using social media

January 15, 2021  •  1 Comment

Use social media to create loyal clients and raving fans imageUse social media to create loyal clients and raving fans I love social media for keeping up with my friends and family, we have moved around so much we have friends all over the country and almost none of our family is close by.

Social Media has made it feel like we see each other much more than we do.


You know what, it can work like that for your business too. 


Building relationships with your current and past clients is the number one way to retain them as loyal customers and raving fans! Social media can make it easy and fun.  


When you know what your audience wants it is easier to create content that will keep them coming back for more. Imagine if you knew more about what your clients love. 


You can learn if they enjoy tacos, reading,  learn more about their family, find out if they have pets, buy groceries online, and more!  Listening will help you build your dream client profile and if you keep a good CRM, update it as you learn new things about your clients. 


When you take the time to keep up with them on social media you will find it help you fill in some gaps like anniversaries so you can make better connections.  Not to mention create content that will grab their attention.



We all get on Social media to be social, I know crazy concept!  Take advantage of this and be sure you respond to comments and responses.  Every comment is a chance to interact with your followers and hopefully your dream client. 

Want to make a real impression though, make an effort to go comment on their posts too.  Doing that will help you get to know them as a person and not just a potential client.  Even better it will also help keep you top of mind when they need what you do or they have a friend that does. 

Be authentic and show you care, your clients will appreciate more than you may ever know. 


Provide Value.

Sure we want to promote our business on our business page, that's why we created it after all.  That won't get people to keep coming back for more though. Always keep your dream client in mind. 


Here are some ways you can provide value: how to use social media to create loyalty, improve client retention and build a community imagehow to use social media to create loyalty, improve client retention and build a community

  • Create and share education/information content.

  • Share other business that is relevant 

  • Inspirational Quotes

  • Humor is often appreciated so share funny stories, memes, or fun videos.

  • Pictures.  Of you, your business, products, customers you name it.

  • “How-to” post

  • Newsworthy reposts

Create a VIP group.

I think Facebook for this but several social media platforms, liked Linkedin,  let you create groups that select people can join.  Create an exclusive group or Private group where you can share special deals, company announcements before they are live, special education whatever will bring value to your audience. 

Ask the members to turn notifications on so they don’t miss anything.  What better way to make your clients feel special and make sure they see what you have going on? 

Using groups can build community, trust, and organically increase your presence on that platform.  


Be Visible.

Is your business profile easy to find?  If not that is something you should fix today. Also do not be ashamed to share your business page with your friends, on your personal page, make sure it is on your website, the bottom of your emails & linked to other marketing sites.  People can not connect with you if they can not find you.  Here are a couple of tips to make sure you are easy to find:

  • Keep account names/Vanity URLs simple and straightforward.  If possible the same on all platforms too.

  • Consider using relevant keywords in your page name.

  • The use of specific and relevant hashtags will help you grow your audience 

  • Share pictures & videos of local attractions, businesses etc.  They are relatable and shareable. AND tag-able


Retaining customers and Building customer loyalty costs less than consistently finding new clients, so it makes sense that you put effort into building those relationships. 


Social media is an excellent tool for doing this.  




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