2020 Christmas Fun Family Portrait Sessions ideas

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Fun Christmas - holiday family portrait ideas cover red white green and brown  photoFun Christmas - holiday family portrait ideas cover photo The holidays are an amazing reason to get your family portraits done.  Some of my clients do it because it has been way too long, others have their family portrait done every year for their Christmas cards.  Even if you have never done one before maybe this year is the time to start.  

This year has been crazy!  No doubt about it and because of COVID, so many of our traditional activities are not really happening this year. It is kind of sad but it is also an opportunity to do something that will stand out in your family's memories.  Ok, I know that portraits don't land on everyone's gift list but they are priceless gifts, even if it is a gift you give yourself.    That being said having family portraits done can be a lot of fun.  Here are some fun ideas for your family portraits this year.


1.  Ugly Sweaters- a fast classic.  Try it this year in your family pictures.  The crazier the better.


2.  COVID Props- Did you find the supply hoarding as ridiculous as I did?  Make a personal record of that part of 2020 with TP, can goods, and more.


3. Matching PJs.  Ok, not a new idea but still a fun one.  Bring mugs for coca, stuffed animals even your favorite comforter, and really have some fun with this theme.


4.  "In The Box" photo collages are so neat.  The example below is not mine but isn't it adorable.  I would not mind doing one of these this year. 

not my image

5.  Dress like the characters from your favorite Christmas movie.  I can already see my husband dressed up as the Grinch or Scrooge. 


6.  Christmas storytime.  Pictures of the kids or the whole family reading a Christmas story like Polar Express will absolutely bring on some fun memories in the years to come.


7. Christmas Mischief!  "tie" the parents up in Christmas lights, puppies popping out of boxes, kids with signs begging for forgiveness?  The possibility are endless and will certainly spread some holiday cheer.


Have you done any really fun holiday portraits?  I would love to hear your ideas in the comments.


If you are looking for some holiday portrait options in the Denver Metro area I am still offering Family Portraits.  Full sessions are available for on-location portraits or choose an in-studio micro session.  Spots are booking up so don't wait too much longer.  Sessions completed by 12/13 will be ready before Christmas.


2020 Holiday Micro sessions for friends, family, children or just your pets.2020 Holiday Micro sessions for friends, family, children or just your pets.



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