Images from the latest headshot event hosted by the chamber. A quality headshot is a difference between a good first impression and a not so good one.  Let's face it many times people find us online before we meet face to face so your headshot matters a lot more than it ever has before.  


The Greater Brighton Chamber of Commerce would like to help you make a powerful and positive first impression by offering you a headshot at an amazing price.  They have started sponsoring these events once a quarter to benefit members and non-members alike.  Through these events, you can get a headshot for only $65.00.


This micro session includes a super-fast 5-minute session and one high-quality digital download.  You will get multiple shots on multiple backgrounds to choose from.  Backgrounds include but are not limited to a standard professional grey backdrop.  An option to purchase additional digital downloads will be available if you choose to do so.  Commercial licensing is included so you can use your images on your marketing materials, social media, website, and much more.  

To book your session visit the Chambers Event page on their website.


If you are looking for more than just one shot and are ready to invest in your online presence, click below to check out what I offer in personal branding or headshot collections.


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