Here is something you have never heard of, or is it just me?

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Warning!  Reasonable. But highly flammable when triggered.



This is the warning Kari said to give about herself but it is hard to believe, or it would have been until I got to witness her “triggered” first hand when an incident occurred that made her stand up for a group she cares about.  Kari and I met through this group and she has become a client and friend.  She and her husband run a company called Colorado Geothermal Drilling.  If you have not yet had the opportunity to meet the Chief Idea Officer Colorado Geothermal Drilling you should.  She is a  Geothermal Gossiper, Serial Chips and Queso Addict, Airbnb Superhost and World’s Okayest Mom. Her words, not mine I am sure she is far better than ok in many things, I have met her kiddos.

She is pretty proud of that self-proclaimed crown though, as a matter of fact when I asked how she would explain what she does on a whole this is what she told me:

“I try to inflict a little humor into everything I do. I run a green renewable energy company with my husband, Dan. We have been installing geothermal loop fields for nearly 15 years. Before that, I worked in sports medicine as an athletic trainer at the University of Denver, Drake University, and Iowa State University. The 2 couldn’t be more different, however, I jumped at the chance to work alongside my husband and build our family-owned business together. We’ve learned so much along the way but we love installing energy-efficient, affordable geothermal systems for clients.

 I also own a cabin in the mountains and rent it out on VRBO and Airbnb. I love hearing people enjoy all the fantastic things Colorado has to offer while staying in our cozy cabin.

 My #1 job though is wrangling my 7,8, and 10-year-old kids to football, basketball, soccer, gymnastics, swimming, camping, skiing, off-roading, and whatever else we can fit into this crazy life of ours. Work and life harmony are a constant goal of mine and help me maintain my World’s Okayest Mom crown. Don’t try to steal it! 

See told you.

She also told me that if she could recommend one thing to a friend it would be an induction stovetop.  

“Weird, right? Everyone raves about gas cooktops but I promise you an induction cooktop is just as awesome. Heats up fast, doesn’t create extra heat, in fact, you can place paper towels directly on the cooktop while cooking and they won’t burn. No open flame. Yet cleans up easy because the cooktop doesn’t get very hot. And they are efficient!”

Some Fun Facts for you

She hates gum

Favorite: Book: Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Movie: Sweet Home Alabama

Food:  Mexican! I said one but she continued. LOL: “And crab cakes. And Vietnamese food. And my amazing queso!”

She owns TWO Companies:  Colorado Geothermal Drilling and HGB Home Co.- The Selbu Ski Chalet

Somethings I know to be true is that she is fun-loving and helpful.  Just knowing her makes me want to know more about GeoThermal.  If you are reading this thinking,  “I don’t even know what that is”, don’t worry I had no clue when I met her.  Ok I hardly do now but you may be smarter than me. Check out their website to learn more about who they are and what they do.

Want to connect with Kari? You know you do, she is awesome! Kari with Colorado Geothermal Drilling



CO Geo-Thermal Facebook Page

The Selbu Ski Chalet Facebook page   

Don’t take my word for it.  Connect with Kari on social media and you will see that she is all business except when she isn’t (which is often).       

It is my pleasure to get to know so many entrepreneurs and small business owners in my area, sharing their stories is just one way I hope to help them be successful.







I love this, Samantha, and I would agree that Kari is way better than OK in the parenting department. Great article and subject!
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