What impression is your profile picture making?

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When do you make a first impression?

In this world on online sales, online dating and online well….everything it is safe to say that the first impression a person has of you isn’t often made face to face.  

First impressions tend to have a huge impact on the future of a relationship both personally and professionally.  When you meet someone for the first time they are asking themselves two basic questions about you, “do you have good intentions?” and “are you competent?” If this is face to face you have time to prepare right? You dress right, make yourself look good and maybe even plan what to say.   We all do it. If you look at your LinkedIn profile picture or Facebook (insert any other online site you can think of; Instagram, Match.com) ect, how does it look? Does it display a “you” that you are proud of? Is it current?

The fix is easy really.  You need a professional headshot.  I know you don't want to hear this, being in front of the camera is not your thing and you hate the way photos of you come out. That is EXACTLY why you need a professional photographer to do it for you.  That phone in your hand takes pretty good photos, I know it does, I love mine too but a selfie isn't going to hack it. I have no doubt that one of your friends owns a big camera to take pictures of her vacation and would be willing to take photos of you and she might even have a good eye.  The thing is a pro will understand lighting and composition and can direct you into a pose that works for you so you look and feel your best.

For example

One of my first LinkedIn Profile pictures (Selfie)  vs. Now 



Maybe you are thinking that a headshot really isn't that important to you because you do not own or run a business.  Sure business owners and executives need headshots and so do models & actors however headshots are not just about business. Let’s face it we could all use a great headshot for something, social media, dating, a blog, email signature, resumes, passports, and many more.  

Now that you think about it where are your first impressions really being made?


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