Nick N Head Shots and the power of improvisation.

May 13, 2017  •  1 Comment

A friend of mind called earlier this week and asked for headshots.  "Of Course!"  So we planned on Friday evening.  Last night I left work ready for a fun quick session.  Problem was I gave my husband my car with he garage door opener, which is where my extra equipment is.  Long story short I could not get to my backgrounds.  Oops.  Even bigger problem was my frined doesn't liv close by and he just happened to be in town so it wasn't an option to reschedule.  So we walked around the neighborhood and found a spot that seemed to work.  I like natural light so much better any way but I was worried that the time of day would make if diffecult.  We got outside just as we were losing the light, which you might be thinking, this is golden hour but I mean the sun is basically down hiding behind the trees and buildings and any moment it will be dark.  Not bad light but fleating. 

It may have been rushed but I was happy with the results.






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