7 Reasons why you should do family portraits every year.

April 26, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

You should hire your photographer to do family portraits every year.  

  1. Kids grow up so fast. When you look back on your family photos you will be amazed at how fast they change.
  2. Everyone is in the photo, yes that means you too!  This is so important, all to often photos are just of the kids or the kids and one parent, don't be left out. 
  3. Your family deserves it. Don't your kids deserve to have these memories to pass on to their kids.  I mean honestly you deserve to have them, if your memory is anything like mine you will want them 20 years from now. 
  4. Let the Pro handle the details. Your photographer knows how to find the best light, great poses and how to make you little one smile, after all they do this all the time. 
  5. Bye bye blemishes- don't worry they can make those imperfections fade away. Professional edits will improve your smile and skin tone so you can look your very best.  
  6. Memories make the best gifts. Photos are great for your parents, yourself and long distance friends and family. Don't forget those Christmas cards, Mother's Day & Father's Day. So many options. 
  7. It's is FUN!!! Pick a great location or theme, be creative and just enjoy this moment. 


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